About ICM
Inner Court Ministries has touched 62 countries thus far. Karen has ministered in the U.S., South America, Middle East, Southeast and Eastern Europe, including Africa, Israel, Philippines, Turkey, and the Ukraine. Over 500 banner ministries have been birthed as a result of God's breath upon Karen's obedience to her calling. Karen has written two books, "Let There Be Light" and "First Man Out - Last Man Standing: God's Banner Bearer." She has also written several teaching booklets, teaching CDs and DVDs. Karen currently resides in Mt. Dora, Florida. You may contact her for day seminars, workshops and Sunday morning ministry.

The Banners of the Lord are called forth by the Spirit of God to give honor and glory to Jesus by exalting His name before men and principalities. As God's worthiness and dominion is declared in the lifting of the banners, a spiritual habitation for His presence is established (Psalm 22:3). This habitation is the holy hill of God, Zion, where the Scriptures say the glory of the Lord is manifest, and He joyfully communes with His people. Lifting a banner is a Kingdom tool of identification, proclamation and glorification. In worship and warfare, the function of a banner is to attract the attention of the people of God and the spirit realm to proclaim a message of identification and/for a biblical truth for a purpose; to impact the heart of God, the heart of people and the spiritual realm for a positive outcome. We believe God uses the things of the natural to affect things in the spiritual world.

All of the flags are made of 6mm Haboti China silk and are designed by Karen Simmons. The designs and coloration come from my prayer and worship time with the Lord. All flags are hand painted. There may be slight imperfections in them, but it is my desire to create a product you are completely satisfied with.


About Karen A. Simmons
Karen Simmons is an ordained minister and founder of Inner Court Ministries. God has anointed and called Karen to raise up standard bearers that are equipped to "prepare the way." Since 1987, Karen has ministered and taught the importance of hearing and flowing in God's ordained area of authority. She teaches others leadership principles, which encourages Christians to have confidence in their calling.